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With an acute understanding of how to leverage the best technologies to achieve business objectives, Tara’s digital growth strategies are at the intersection of where marketing meets innovation.

She is able to translate business goals into defined actions based on common objectives including, brand awareness, increased engagement, audience growth, lead generation, and to initiate interactions.

Tara has an agile approach to growth strategies where she uses key data points to re-allocate budget and optimize campaigns in real time.

She has a proven ability of providing consultative expertise to:

  • Create high performing teams with a functioning understanding of SEO best practices to increase organic web traffic;

  • Enrich teams with the knowledge to leverage social media algorithms in order to increase organic engagement;

  • Encourage the application of paid social media best practices to maximize budget spend to achieve business goals;

  • Leverage technology to identify competitor landscapes and to optimize ad copy and landing pages.

Tara has designed, built, and consulted with industry experts to create a number of impactful digital growth campaigns including SEO, Google Search, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

If you would like to learn more about building digital growth strategies, get in touch!

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